21 Ağustos'ta yayınlanacak olan albümlerin listesi şekillendi

Act Of Defiance - Birth And The Burial (Metal Blade)
Adversarial - Death, Endless Nothing and the Black Knife of Nihilism (Dark Descent)
Altar / Cartilage - Split (Xtreem)
Archer - Culling The Weak (Metalville)
Barrows - Swine Race (Inverse)
Battlecross - Rise To Power (Metal Blade)
Bleach Everything - Free Inside EP (Magic Bullet)
Blistered - The Poison Of Self Confinement (6131)
Bonehunter - Evil Triumphs Again (Hells Headbangers)
Buckcherry - Rock 'N' Roll (F-Bomb)
Butcher Babies - Take It Like A Man (Century Media)
Chris Caffery - Your Heaven Is Real (Metalville)
Coffins - Craving To Eternal Slumber EP (Hammerheart)
Crown - Natron (Candlelight)
Cruciform - Atavism (Infernal Devastation)
Dalkhu - Descend Into Nothingness (Satanath)
Dark Sermon - The Oracle (eOne)
Dead Lord - Heads Held High (Century Media)
The Devil Wears Prada - Space EP (Rise)
Diabolus Arcanium - Path Of Ascension (Transcending Obscurity)
Disturbed - Immortalized (Reprise)
Draugurinn - Isavetur (Nordvis)
Extinction A.D. - Faithkiller (Good Fight)
The Fiend - Greed Power Religion War (Candlelight)
First Decree - This Is Our Rise (FD Music)
Gamma Ray - Heading For Tomorrow Anniversary Edition (earMusic)
Gaytheist / Rabbits - Gay^Bits Split (Good To Die)
Ghost - Meliora (Loma Vista)
Hate Eternal - Infernus (Season Of Mist)
The Infamous Gehenna - Deathkamp Ov The Soul + Funeral Embrace (Magic Bullet)
Kadavar - Berlin (Nuclear Blast)
Kaledon - Chapter IV: Twilight Of The Gods Re-Release (Scarlet)
Kyy - Travesty Of Light (Saturnal)
Lewis and the Strange Magics - Velveet Skin (Soulseller)
Lychgate - An Antidote For The Glass Pill (Blood)
Lynch Mob - Rebel (Frontiers)
Manegarm - Vredens Tid Re-Release (Black Lodge)
The Murder Of My Sweet - Beth Out Of Hell (Frontiers)
Myrkur - M (Relapse)
Nathan Gray - Nthn Gry EP (Good Fight)
Necrodium - Remnants (Breaking Wheel)
Nekro Drunkz - Absolute Filth (Moribund)
Nuclear - Formula For Anarchy (Candlelight)
Oceans Of Slumber - Blue EP (Century Media)
P.O.D. - The Awakening (T-Boy / Universal)
Pop Evil - Up (eOne)
Praying Mantis - Legacy (Frontiers)
Publicist UK - Forgive Yourself (Relapse)
Rainbow - Denver 1979 (Cleopatra)
Raise Hell - Written In Blood (Black Lodge)
Renaissance Of Fools - Spring (Metalville)
Rivers Of Nihil - Monarchy (Metal Blade)
Rotting Christ - Lucifer Over Athens (Season Of Mist)
Royal Hunt - XIII: The Devil's Dozen (Frontiers)
Rubikon - Delta (Round Hill)
Scythian - Hubris In Excelsis (Hells Headbangers)
She Must Burn - Under The Shadows EP (Ghost)
Skraeckoedlan - Sagor (Razzia)
Spock's Beard - The Oblivion Particle (Inside Out)
The Sword - High Country (Razor & Tie)
Take Over And Destroy - Vacant Face (Pulverised)
U.D.O. - Navy Metal Night DVD/CD (AFM)
Unbreakable Hatred - Ruins (Unique Leader)
Vaee Solis - Adversarial Light (Signal Rex)
Vardan - Between The Fog and Shadows (Moribund)
Via - Sanitize This (Pavement)
Whoretopsy - Never Tear Us Apart (Vicious Instinct)
Wildlights - Wildlights (Season Of Mist)
Wild Throne - Harvest of Darkness (Roadrunner)
Wolfheart - Shadow World (Spinefarm)
Wombbath - Downfall Rising (Pulverised)

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