Bugün yayınlanan albümlerin listesi şekillendi

Arise - Gore Whores On The Killing Floor (Cimmerian Shade)
Bandit - Playfastordie (Unholy Anarchy)
Black Breath - Slaves Beyond Death (Southern Lord)
Black Wing - Is Doomed (The Flenser)
BoySetsFire - BoySetsFire (Bridge 9)
Casablanca - Miskatonic Graffiti (Despotz)
Church - Unanswered Hymns (Battleground)
Cryptic Brood - Wormhead EP (Xtreem)
Days Of Collapse - We Got This Far (Imminence)
Dark Buddha Rising - Inversum (Neurot)
Days Of Collapse - We Got This Far (Imminence)
Dead Letter Circus - Aesthesis (The End)
Deathcode Society - Eschatonizer (Osmose)
Division Speed - Division Speed (High Roller)
Dolch - I & II (Van)
Godslave - Whatever We Want EP (Green Zone)
Graveyard - Innocence & Decadence (Nuclear Blast)
Heat Dust - Heat Dust (The Flenser)
Horna - Hengen Tulet (WTC)
Human Bodies / Leather Chalice - Split EP (Broken Limbs)
Huntress - Static (Napalm)
Iniquitous Savagery - Subversions Of The Psyche (Grindethic)
Krallice - Ygg Huur (Avantgarde)
Manegarm - Urminnes Hävd - The Forest Sessions Re-Release (Black Lodge)
Mantric - Sin (Loyal Blood)
Mord'A'Stigmata - Our Hearts Slow Down EP (Pagan)
One OK Rock - 35xxxv (Warner Brothers)
Parkway Drive - Ire (Epitaph)
Praise The Flame - Manifest Rebellion (Memento Mori)
Resurrecturis - Nazienda (Mighty Music)
Ruach Raah - Hate Fanatacism (War Arts)
Shrine Of Insanabilis - Disciples Of The Void (WTC)
Sivyj Yar - Burial Shrouds (Avantgarde)
Soijl - Endless Elysian Fields (Solitude)
A Sound Of Thunder - Tales From The Deadside (Mad Neptune)
Tank - Valley of Tears (Metal Mind)
Tantrum - Devirginized (Inverse)
Todesstoss - Hirngemeer (I, Voidhanger)
Twin Lords - Devastating Planetary Shift (Handshake, Inc.)
Vampire - Cimmerian Shade EP (Century Media)
Veiled - Omniscient Veil (Iron Bonehead)
VI - De Praestgiis Angelorum (Agonia)
We Hunt Buffalo - Living Ghosts (Fuzzorama)

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