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Abatuar - Vejación de la Bestia/Fosa Común Re-Release (Dunkelheit)
Abysmal Lord - Disciples Of The Inferno (Hells Headbangers)
Al-Namrood - Diaji Al Joor (Shaytan)
Blackosh - Whores, Booze & Black Metal (Iron Bonehead)
Chrome Over Brass - Chrome Over Brass (Deathwish)
Converge - Thousands Of Miles Between Us DVD (Deathwish)
Culture Killer - Throes Of Mankind (Metal Blade)
Danzig - Skeletons (Evillive)
A Dark Orbit - Inverted (Basick)
Forgotten Tomb - Love's Burial Ground Re-Release (Agonia)
Furze - Baphomet Wade (Freshtea)
Grima - Devotion To Lord (Naturmacht)
Hound - Out Of Space (SRA)
King Diamond - The Spider's Lullabye Deluxe Edition (Metal Blade)
The Melvins - Across The USA In 51 Days: The Movie DVD (Ipecac)
Message To Venus - Victims & Villains (3Thirteen)
The Moth Gatherer - The Earth Is The Sky (Agonia)
Necronomicon - Pathfinder Between Heaven And Hell (AFM)
Obscene Entity - Lamentia (Tridroid)
Phased - Aeon (Czar Of Bullets)
Scorpions - Forever And A Day DVD (MVD)
Sergeant Steel - Riders Of The Worm (Boyz Tyme)
Serocs - And When The Sky Was Opened (Comatose)
Sturmovik - Destination Nowhere (Selfmadegod)
TOAS - Passion Sodomy Terror (Osmose)
The Tumor Called Marla - Trance EP (Imminence)
Various Artists - Teach Your Soul With Fire: Vol. IV (Signal Rex)
Vision Of Disorder - Razed To The Ground (Candlelight)
We Lost The Sea - Departure Songs (Translation Loss)
Whiskey Ritual - Blow With The Devil (Art Of Propaganda)
Zgard - Totem (Svarga)

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